10 ways to workout from home | Kasratshala


10 ways to workout from home | Kasratshala

10 ways to workout from home | Kasratshala

You can always workout at home if you feel shy to go out and workout. Home- workouts are better and will have equal benefits as working out at a gym. Here are 10 ways you can try working out at home.


Squats are muscle workouts in your lower body. They help you to shape firm buttocks and thighs. Maintain a minimum of the 1-meter distance between your legs and imagine yourself sitting on a chair. And that is how squats are done.


Planks strengthen your abdominal muscle that supports you back. Doing planks for at least 10 min in a day helps you strengthen your muscles and keeps you fit.


Lunges help you build your glute muscles and thighs. These are functional exercises. You can also use a chair or a wall if you need any balance.


Jumping jacks burn a lot of calories, tones up your muscles, and help you maintain a stronger body. It is also a great cardio exercise.


Pushups are again a great exercise for a strong body. Pushups mostly target the chest, shoulders, and make your core, back, and legs strong.


Skipping again is a great exercise. It helps improve your heart rate, tones muscles in your upper and lower body. It is the best exercise for losing weight and it also improves your skin.


Stair climbing helps in burning fat twice as compared to running and walking. 1 hour of stair climbing can approximately burn 1000 calories.


Pilates provides great flexibility and more sculpted muscles. Pilates will help get a great posture.


This exercise has been practiced for many years and it is a great exercise to keep your body toned. It helps n losing weight and also keeps you healthy and strong.


Power yoga has become a popular exercise during the 1990s. power yoga enhances stamina, provides great flexibility, posture, and also gives mental focus. Power yoga requires some assistance. You cannot do it on your own. Instead, you can use some application that teaches power yoga.