Tips for Healthy Eyes


8 Tips For Healthy Eyes

8 Tips For Healthy Eyes


Good vision helps you perform your tasks well, it helps you stay focused throughout the day and makes you feel fresh all day. You need to take a few simple tips to make sure you keep your eyesight at its best. 

  • Balanced Diet

To maintain a good vision, eat foods that are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A and C.  Eat foods like leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, carrots, oranges, and other citric foods. Try adding these foods in your regular meals for better eyesight. 

  • Eye Exercise

Exercises improve blood circulation . It improves your oxygen levels for your eyes and removes the toxins that harm your eyes. 

  • A Good Night Sleep

A good night's sleep will help you look great. It helps you look great and energitic throughout the day and helps you perform your daily tasks at home and work. Good rest to your eyes makes your eyes healthy. 

  • Keep Your Hands Clean All The Time

A human body does most of his work using hands. So it is important to keep your hands clean all the time. Do not touch anything unnecessarily. Wash your hands regularly and keep them clean always. 

  • Do Not Unnecessarily Rub Your Eyes

You should be careful in taking care of your eyes as they are the most delicate parts of your body. Do not unnecessarily rub your hands and keep your hands away from your eyes all the time. 

  • Wash your face more often

Most of the time your eyes are more likely to get exposed to sun, pollution, and dust particles. So keep washing your face whenever you come back from outside. Wash your face at least 5 times a day. Washing eyes also will keep your eyes clean and fresh. 

  • Do Not Spend Much Time On Electronic Devices

It is common that most of us use electronic devices almost every day in our lives. Try not to use them more unless it is an emergency. If you are left with no option then wear safety eyewear that protects you from the blue light. And also use your laptops and mobiles with less brightness. 

  • Get an Eye Check-Up Once A Year

Taking care of our eyes is an extremely important task. So get your eyes checked at least once in a year to maintain healthy eyes. 

-Shreya Raju