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Are Gyms Safe Right Now?

Are Gyms Safe Right Now?

Are Gyms Safe Right Now?

People are getting bored at their homes. They are sick of all the alone time that they are getting. Now that the initial fun part of vacationing at home has ended, it is making them very anxious and irritated. People who are fitness enthusiasts are now waiting for the government regulation for the public places to open. They just simply can't wait to get out of their homes and work out. Even though many have continued their workout routines at home and been motivated enough to be fit and healthy, there are many who didn't feel motivated enough to continue. Some simply caved in to their craving and have given up their diets. But despite of it, they feel guilty of have given up on their routines. To say the least, all of them is waiting for the gyms to open again.

But there is one question that is there in the minds of one and all. Are the gyms really safe right now? Despite the fact that regular sanitization and cleaning procedures will be helpful, there are still a risk of health and life due to corona virus spread. Still life can't be kept at a pause for any longer. If people follow the social distancing norms and the regulations prescribed by the government and the health agencies, it will be reduced the chances of spread.

The health specialists have clearly given out guidelines to not participate in any sort of physical exertion activities in the confined places. The fitness gyms and studios are one place where a large number of people come together therefore there are chances that it can lead to community spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Here are some ways by which Corona Virus can spread at the gyms:

Corona virus can easily spread through the air. The WHO has recently given out statements about the air-borne spread of the virus. Keeping this in mind, it's not safe for people to open the gyms.

The researchers have found more than 100 Covid-19 cases that are associated with dance workout studios across the world. If the permissions are granted for the gyms to be opened, it will have negavtive impact on the health and lives of many.

The warm and moist air of the gyms and Fitness studios when mixed with the turbulent air flow of the exercising tend to create the environment in which the covid-19 droplets can spread very easily.

According to Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency medicine physician of Lenox Hill Hospital in the New York City, “Based on recent research, aerosolized droplets can remain airborne for up to 3 hours, leading to the spread in crowded and confined spaces such as fitness studios problematic,” 

The size and intensity of the class also have high impact transmission in the fitness studios and gyms. The people tend to breathe harder and faster when they work out. This is the main cause of one-to-one transmission amongst the people. Opening of fitness studios and gyms can increase the chances of such transmission.

It is a known fact that Corona virus can spread from even those people who don't show any symptoms of the disease.

According to Dr. Anne Liu, Infectious Disease Physician at Stanford Health Care, "People are most infectious the day before, day of, and a couple of days after developing symptoms. They can even lead to the transmission of the virus several days before symptoms appear."

It should be noted that even a person who is not symptomatic can expel the virus and it's particles into the air in one way or another.

According to Glatter, “This increases the potential of transmission among people in hot and crowded fitness studios and gyms with poor air circulation.”

Start WorkingOut Outdoors instead of Indoors

According to Dr. Anne Liu, "The most effective solution is to take your workout outside." Instead of indoor and enclosed spaces such as gyms and fitness studios, it is advisable to move the workout sessions to the outdoors. If you maintain and follow the social distancing norms rigorously then it is way better and safer for the health enthusiasts to do their workouts outside. Atleast 6 feet distance should be maintained and the gym equipments should be regularly and personally sanitized. No chances should be taken. Also, being outside reduces the chances of Corona Virus spread to some extent. It surely doesn't mean that it won't be a problem anymore. 


If you are still interested in working out outdoors then make sure you follow the norms and guidelines. Follow social distancing and maintain minimum 6 feet distance in the outdoors if you are working out. As it has been confirmed by the WHO that the covid-19 virus can spread through air also, make sure you wear the mask when you're working out outside. Keep the local transmission of your area in mind before deciding anything. Also mindfully consider your own age and likeliness of surviving such disease.

Make sure that you regularly sanitize and wash you hands. At last, be cautious and careful.

Stay safe and healthy.