Best Workouts


Best Workouts To Do In The Least Amount Of Time

Best Workouts To Do In The Least Amount Of Time


Workouts are nothing but just a means of redirecting where you burn your calories instead of how much because, our body constantly keeps on burning calories anyway, that's how we live! So, to know the best type or quantity of workout which is best for you, you need to know which part of your body needs it the most at first.

Body image is subjective and everyone has a different body type and desired body shape. For example, some people don't care about having a tummy as long as they have strong arms and a broad chest. Some people, namely athletes, work on their legs and back more than their torso. So, it is important to know what you want to work on before you do anything. 

If you just want your body to appear a little leaner overall, then an ample amount of cardio is required on top of a little body-weight training. A sample workout in this category might look like this:

  1. Running up to 4kms / cycling up to 8kms
  2. 30-4- Jumping jacks
  3. 15-20 squats 
  4. 15-20 lunges
  5. Wall-sit (45-60 seconds)
  6. 20-30 Sit-ups/crunches
  7. 5-10 push-ups

If you want to focus on your upper body strength alone, it is highly not recommended as any workout involving only the upper body or torso is self-destructive. Instead, work on your back muscles, thighs and calves on alternate days with your upper body workout.

Upper body exercises include Push-ups – for chest and shoulder (most important), Pull-ups – for chest and shoulder (also important), Upper abdomen, arms, and finally your upper back workouts. 

Lower body exercises include Sit-ups – for abdomen, Crunches- for the lower abdomen, Squats- for thighs and buttocks (most important), Lunges- for thighs (also important) and wall sit- for back and thighs.

Cardio based exercises include: Running, Cycling, Burpees, Jumping jacks.

FUN FACT: Swimming is commonly known as a cardio-based exercise, which is wrong. It is an all-rounder and covers everything!

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy physical body should be the highest priority. Looks are the least important factor when it comes to fitness. As the old saying goes, "Looks can be deceiving!"