Home Workout


Home Workout

Home Workout

Home workout refers to simple and easy-to-perform workout routines and plans that you can follow at home for maintaining your health and fitness. Generally, these workout plans can be performed without the use of any equipment or by using minimal or the common equipment found in most homes like dumbbells, yoga mat, etc. Home workouts are effective and if practiced seriously, they can bring positive results to you.


The first step before starting home working out at home is to warm up. Warming up is a 5-10 minutes process to activate your muscles and increase your heart rate. Warming up is necessary before doing any exercise because it helps in protecting the body against any kind of injuries and also helps you in doing your exercises properly.



  • Skipping: up to 5 minutes
  • Jumping jacks: 25 reps
  • Lunges: 5 reps for each leg
  • Forward leg swing: 10 reps for each leg


After you are done with the warming up process, you can proceed with your preferred home workout routine



  • Workout for the lower body: It helps to build your body’s endurance, speed, and agility.
  • HIITS: Hiits involve a lot of jumping which may not be suited for people with joint ailments. Therefore, a person should always consult a doctor or therapist before performing hiits.
  • Full-body cardio: This workout method involves legs(squat pulse), core(tuck-up), shoulders(frogger). This workout method gives you a lot of strength and agility.
  • Plank-based workout: It helps in improving your blood circulation. It is a really effective home workout.
  • Abs workout: Perform this workout for 8 minutes in the beginning. This workout involves various workouts namely dead bug, forearm plank rock, plank-up down. These workouts are to be performed without any rest between them.



It is observed that the ideal time to workout is at 7 in the morning. Working out in an empty stomach is proven to be highly effective for the body.