Exercising For Relieving Stress


How Exercising Can Be A stress Reliever

How Exercising Can Be  A stress Reliever


Stress, in itself, is a term which is nothing less than a nightmare for most of us and nobody really wishes to go through situations which causes them anxiety and emotional uneasiness but sometimes we humans do not have a control over our circumstances and the race between our heart and head. But what we do have a control over is the ability to calm our minds during a mental storm! 

The reason behind stress in the language of science, is basically, the release of hormones called cortisol which enters the bloodstream and reaches the receptors of our organs. Hormones named endorphins is an antidote to cortisol.  Basically, endorphins are natural painkillers and helps the brain to fight stress hormones which results in relaxation of our mind and boosts our immunity.

Now, the question that lies ahead is, how do we trigger endorphins inside our body? Here are some basic activities that helps us generate endorphins and accelerates the journey of feeling stress-free!


The most basic and simple physical exercise that we can ever think of is taking a 15-30 minutes of stroll or at the most jog around wherever we are comfortable at. Quiet physical exercises like these can also help us generate endorphins and feel naturally calm and composed. Apart from these, warm-ups and stretching exercises can also help us stay fit and keep our minds relaxed.


When we say the term aerobics (also known as cardio), our natural tendency is to think about oxygen. Well yes, we are almost there. In aerobic exercises, we require a lot of oxygen externally since our body consumes tonnes of energy resulting in an increased heart rate. Some of the classic examples of aerobics are running, swimming, dancing, hiking, etc.


Yoga asanas and deep breathing techniques are being practised since ancient times and have a spiritual significance backing them. Needless to say, it helps soothe our mind and soul as the asanas involve expansion and contraction of organs inside our body. Some of the examples are Virasana and Kapalbhati respectively.


Apart from physical exercises, mental exercises also helps us heal from within and one of the primary steps into emotional healing is to talk and express our innate feelings with the people we trust. Talking out our deepest emotions with no one judging us on the other side has the same healing power as the physical exercises. 

Exercising helps an individual stay both mentally and physically fit since staying mentally fit is as essential as staying physically fit. It is high time that we understand the significance of mental health and respect every individual for the way they think. As the old saying goes, “beauty lies within.”