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How to lose Weight without going to gym?

How to lose Weight without going to  gym?


Love the idea of being fit and healthy but not a big fan of the gym? Maybe because you find working out in the gym boring and monotonous or you are just really lazy. THAT’S OK! Fortunately, studies have shown that it is not necessary to hit the gym to lose weight and to remain fit. There are plenty of ways to lose weight that don’t involve going to the gym. So forget the gym and instead make some dietary changes that will help you lose weight. 

Losing weight with dietary changes 

 Follow these steps to make simple changes in your diet. By following these steps, you are taking a step towards your weight loss goal.

  • Boost your protein intake

Studies have shown that high-protein foods can help you stay satisfied longer and decrease hunger cravings. Adding protein in small amounts keeps your body chugging along. Add a portion of lean meat, like chicken, fish or legumes to salads and replace carb and calorie items with protein-rich eggs, cheese, nut butter or yogurt in your diet. A diet that emphasizes on moderate to low carb and focuses more on lean protein, fruits and vegetables is the best for weight loss.

  • Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day for a reason. It is the best time to fill up on the most nutrients for the day. High protein and high fiber breakfast controls your hunger cravings. You can include scrambled eggs with sautéed vegetables, 1 cup of low-fat Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts or an omelet with spinach and a glass of milk or milk substitute.

  • Avoid mindless snacking

Planned and healthy sacking can help in weight loss but snacking throughout the day or late at night can be a step backward on your weight loss plan. Mindless snacking is when you consume food without realizing how much you are consuming. If you feel like you need to snack, you should plan it properly. Avoid eating from a box or a packet. Also avoid other distractions like watching TV or working while snacking because you will now realize how much you have consumed. Mindful snacking will help inn your weight loss. 

  • Stay hydrated

Water is not only vital to survive but being hydrated helps prevent unnecessary snacking. As mentioned above, mindless snacking is harmful for your weight loss plan and thus staying hydrated is very important for your weight loss.

  • Don’t drink your calories

Ditch the calorie-filled and sugary beverages and start consuming sugar-free, hydrating fluids. Sweetened beverages are one of the main causes of weight gain. Avoiding such drinks is the smartest decision you will ever take for your weight loss plan.


In addition to these 5 dietary changes, try exercising outside of the gym. Being physically active always helps in weight loss and staying fit. Go for a free cardio. Go for a walk or a jog outside in your neighborhood park. You can go for cycling too. A total of 150 minutes of moderate to intense workout each week is recommended. Also, try to increase your daily steps. If you don’t have the time for some physical activity or don’t enjoy exercising at all, then try to increase the amount of steps you take each day. The more the movement the more you burn calories. 

Going to the gym is not necessary for weight loss. Physical activity, however, should be included to support weight loss. Losing weight requires a combination of lifestyle changes. You will lose the most weight with a combination of diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle. And remember, weight loss should not be your only goal. Aim to be healthy.