Top 5 ways to Survive the First Week of CrossFit


How to Survive the First Week of CrossFit

How to Survive the First Week of CrossFit

Surviving The First Week Of Crossfit

Cross fit is a form of high intensity interval training. It mainly focuses on strength and conditioning. It is made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level. It comprises movements or actions that you perform in your day-to-day life, like squatting, pulling, pushing etc.. This varies from a traditional workout. It’s actually a good workout to help you achieve your desired fitness goal. Here are top 5 simple tips to help you get through week 1 without having a mental break:

  1. Know Your Limits: You might feel like giving up but have to push yourself in the first week. Pay attention to your body’s cue. Your body will reach a point where it cannot be pushed any further. Notice this and don’t be too harsh on your body.
  1. Get Enough Rest: Getting proper sleep is as important as working out. You are straining your body when you start cross fit training. You need to give it enough down time for the muscle fibres relax. When you sleep, your muscles repair themselves. This will eventually help you to develop muscles. Get enough sleep and don’t over work muscles.
  1. Stay Hydrated: The perfect cross fit week involves a perfect combination of strength and cardio training. When you’re starting off and with the workout, you’re bound to sweat more. You need to make up for all this water you’ve lost. Drink at least 7-8 litres of water a day. You can even include some juices and energy drinks. While working out, always sip water and not chug it. Large quantities of water can  not only make you feel bloated but also cause water retention. If you don’t stay hydrated you might feel tired, have muscle cramps, dizziness.
  1. Take your showers hot: Even if you want a cool shower after a sweaty cross fit workout it is advisable to take a hot shower. This actually is very effective in easing muscle tension.  You might be stiff for some days and feel like your muscles are sore but a hot shower will open up your muscles.
  1. Regular Motivation: Cross fit isn’t the easiest workout to get used to. We need to push ourselves and keep ourselves motivated. It’s very important to be motivated. Doing anything half-heartedly is like not doing it. It’s a part of the whole process. This is the only thing that is going to keep you going.  You should have some rest days and cheat days but come back on track immediately. Reading some motivational quotes on social media can actually help.


 - Sonia Shah