Boost your IQ


Meditate to Boost Your IQ

Meditate to Boost Your IQ

Meditate to Boost Your IQ

We all have moments when somebody praises us for our intelligence or creativity or our out of the box thinking. These are the moments which we cherish and go back to. Don’t you want this to happen more often? Don’t you wish you approach your day to day activities with more agility and be a more adroit person? The only way to do this is by regular meditation. Here are some reasons to prove why you should meditate:


  1. A crystal-clear mind

Our mind is a mirror of our past thoughts, experiences, expectations and present actions. It is absolutely tiring to constantly keep it at work and at the same time increase its efficiency. Meditation helps you to do this quite easily. It helps you connect to the source that is your inner self. Meditating every day is like keeping mental hygiene. It helps us to clear out the junk and get closer to ourselves. As a consequence of regular meditation, mentally you’ll feel lighter. You will start seeing from other angles and perspectives. When you are mentally stable you will make better decisions. It will also help you to enhance your thinking horizon.

  1. Focus and Concentration

We humans are gifted with a wonderful mind. We all have quite a lot of strength within us. The more we experience this inner strength, the stronger and sharper we become. Meditation establishes this strong connection with our mind. Nothing compares to inner peace and meditation helps us by establishing this. Having focus and concentration enables us to do any task with the greatest efficiency. We have often observed that when we do a task with proper concentration we tend to complete it faster and in a better manner. The minute we lose our focus, we tend to make mistakes. This can be avoided by regularly meditating. Meditation endows you with ample focus and at the same time keeps your mind relaxed.

  3 The intuitive mind

Intuition is regarded as a blessing to the human kind. All of us have this inner voice within us from where many ingenious ideas originate and where we have our thoughts and opinions. Here, we become aware about things and our understanding blossoms. Our conscience is intricate yet instinctive. Research supports the fact that an intuitive mind helps you be more thoughtful, astute, and incisive about your actions. Meditation is to intuition what fuel is to a car.  It enables us to think more originally and stay connected with our conscience. This is one of the most effective ways to increase the grey matter of our brain.

  1. The creative burst

Have you ever noticed that you tend to be more creative when your mind is at peace? You usually get these innovative ideas when you’re sitting alone, sipping your coffee, when you’re walking all by yourself or when you’re listening to your favourite music. The reason behind this is that you are the most creative when you are not controlling your mind. The easy flow of ideas enables us to think and be more creative. This is only possible when your mind is calm and composed. This tranquil state of mind can only be achieved by meditation.

  1. Middle path

A balanced diet is a diet consisting of all nutrients in the right proportion. We need a balanced diet for a healthy body. What a balanced diet is to the body, meditation is to the mind. Meditation helps you to maintain a balance of your thoughts. It creates a striking balance between the left-hand side and right-hand side of your brain.  This induces the right kind of emotion, objectivity, logic, and analysis. It also makes you think right and be calm at the same time.

 - Sonia Shah