Menstrual Hygiene


Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene

What is menstrual hygiene?


Menstrual hygiene refers to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness during the menstrual cycle. When women and young girls use a proper and hygienic menstrual management material that can soak the menstrual blood and that material can be changed in private whenever needed. It also refers to keeping the pubic area clean using soap and water. Educating the women and girls about menstrual hygiene is of utmost importance and is the need of the hour. 


Why is menstrual hygiene important?


Making the women and young girls aware of the hygiene and cleanliness that should be maintained during their menstruation days helps in breaking the myths and cultural superstitions prevailing in society. It also makes the women and young girls aware of their rights and powers. Women also start feeling comfortable and confident in themselves and their bodies. Maintaining menstrual hygiene and educating the masses about its importance will help in transforming the existing orthodox socio-cultural norms. Because of the myths prevailing in our society, women and young girls during their menstruation days feel under-confident or scared to go to workplaces, temples, and even enter their own kitchen. Women have to go through a lot of mental trauma, confidence crisis , and pressure from society just because of the lack of menstrual hygiene awareness among the masses. Thus, it is important to create menstrual hygiene awareness in society which will eventually lead to women's empowerment and will give equal status to women in society.


How to maintain menstrual hygiene?


There are many ways through which proper menstrual hygiene can be maintained during menstruation days:

  • Using sanitary napkins instead of old rags or dirty clothes: using old and dirty clothes can lead to various kinds of infections and diseases in the pubic area. It is too risky to use such materials to soak the menstrual blood. Thus, using proper sanitary napkins during menstruation days is a must.


  • Cleanliness of the genital area: it is a must to keep the genital area clean during menstruation days. It will keep the area protected against any kind of germs and infections.


  • Changing sanitary napkins after every 4 hours: using sanitary napkins is a good practice, but what we need to know is that using the same sanitary napkin for a long time is harmful to you. So, make it a point to change the napkin every 4 hours.


  •  Making the masses aware of menstrual hygiene: the first step towards menstrual hygiene is spreading awareness among the masses.