self defense


Self Defense

Self Defense

What is self-defense?

It is the process of defending and protecting oneself from any kind of harm or danger. Self-defense ensures the well-being and safety of an individual. Self-defense is said to be your right to fight against any kind of force or violence using certain counteracting force or violence. Self-defense can be both armed and unarmed. The elements of self-defense include the following factors:

  • An unjustified act of attacking someone
  • An act that can cause sudden injury or death
  • A reasonable degree of force used during a counter-attack
  • A high degree of fear of death or injury


What is the importance of self-defense?


  • Boosts confidence: Practicing self-defense can boost your confidence. You start feeling confident about the fact that you can defend yourself in any kind of adverse or dangerous situation.
  • Your body balance gets improved: Practicing self-defense can develop and enhance your body balance in an effective way. Self-defense teaches you how to focus on your target along with controlling and maintaining your body balance.
  • Inculcates discipline: In order to practice self-defense, the first thing you need to make sure of is self-discipline. Self-discipline is required before developing any new skill set.
  • Your physical conditioning is enhanced: Self-defense prepares your body for any situation that can cause harm to you. Physical conditioning is necessary when you need to counterattack or defend yourself. 
  • Your street awareness is improved: Self-defense makes you aware of your surroundings and you become more cautious. It prepares your mind and body to be aware all time and be ready for any kind of counterattack.


Hence, self-defense should form an important and compulsory part of any curriculum. It will not only teach you to protect yourself from any kind of harm or sudden attack but will also bring a positive change in your personality. Moreover, giving self-defense classes to young girls and women should be a priority task.