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Ergonomic tips sitting posture for Work From Home | Kasratshala

Ergonomic tips sitting posture for Work From Home | Kasratshala

Sitting with the Correct Posture for Work from Home


Today we all are surrounded by the pandemic and are now practising social distancing for quite some time. And now, we are now introduced to this new work style known as "Work From Home". 

As many of the corporate offices are now confined to home spaces and many of us have welcomed this call.

And now we are working with our laptops open and sitting on the couch and working with ease.

But, slowly you are getting some sort of back pain and other related problems. And the culprit behind all this is bad sitting posture.

Having a good sitting posture is very much important in order to prevent any kind back pain for any posture related problems.

We always neglected our sitting posture and have given least importance to it. But having good sitting posture not only saves you from future back injuries but also increases your productivity.

With a desk and proper sitting posture at a desk you can easily concentrate on your work and provide you with office ambience.

So we will discuss a few ergonomic tips with you that will help you to gain a right sitting position.

Leave Your Comfort Zone:

You can't work on your bed or on that cozy couch. Agree?

Working on a laptop with a bad sitting position on bed will certainly hamper your lower back and spine. Also, you will feel sleepy and slowly getting your motivation evaporated.

Get a good Chair:

Try to invest in a good office chair that will support your back and spine. It's better to invest in the chair rather than spending a huge sum on your back injury treatment.

Place your laptop correctly:

Having a proper position at the laptop/computer will certainly help you to work with ease and reduce your strain on your neck.

Remember your laptop should be parallel to your head.

Time for some stretching:

Having a stretching break at normal intervals will surely prevent those annoying cramps and discomforts.

Take a break:

Having a break of 5 minutes after every half an hour will certainly help you in your overall productivity. This will also reduce strain on your eyes if you are working on laptops or computers.

Get set workout:

Plan to have your workout before or after your working session as this will help you to stay active and also regulate proper blood flow throughout your body. It is not necessary to have an intensive workout. You can have a light workout also.

These were the few tips for you all that I have to share with you regarding the enhancing your sitting posture at your workstation at home.

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