Stay Healthy - 4 Tips While Working From Home


Stay Healthy - 4 Tips While Working From Home?

Stay Healthy - 4 Tips While Working From Home?

Without the daily visit at office to get you moving and a refrigerator for  only a few steps from your workplace, staying fit is a real challenge when working from home – but with a bit of diligence it doesn’t have to be. Are you looking for "How to stay healthy and fit as a work from home guy at the time of Corona?" So this thing might help you.

Stay healthy and fit to be in better mental state too. Work at home people tend to put in long hours. And those long hours are usually seated at a computer working without moving. This can turn into an unhealthy lifestyle, snacking or calling out for pizza delivery instead of fixing real meals. I know this because I am a freelancer and I work from home…

If you’re in that situation, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself healthy by committing to some basic strategies.

Move – Schedule time every day to get some physical exercise with regular breaks. From own experience, there are lots of ways to get movement into your day, without even leaving your home. If you have a pet, walk it; you have a small child, go to the playground. Although these are short spurts of movement, they are critical. They will make you feel re-energized. Stay healthy and fit to combat with this deadly virus. This activity will Help you in Being Productive and active.

Take control of everything you eat. Fill your fridge with healthy snacks, nuts, cheese, fruits and raw veggies.

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Having pleasant office surrounding is crucial for physical and mental well-being. Mental health is equally important to remain Stay healthy in these difficult times. If you are addicted to anything, it can lead you to stress. It is advisable to stop addiction in its track.

Stress – When you consistently face tight deadlines, when you worry about taxes and marketing yourself, you are under stress. To Stay healthy and fit you should reduce some stress.

To reduce stress;

  • Make sure that your intake of vitamins and minerals is appropriate.
  • Read something totally unrelated to your work.
  • Get enough sleep.

Snack wisely and stay hydrated

Just as you plan your lunch make sure to plan coffee/tea/snack breaks as well to get some fresh air. It’s easy for people who work from home to graze mindlessly throughout the day, especially if you work near in your kitchen. Distracted eaters consume more calories, so step away from your work while you take a break for a coffee or snack and take a walk after it.

Placing your workplace as far away from the kitchen as possible will give you both a reason to get up and get moving as well as lower your temptation to snack outside your set breaks. Be mindful of your eating both during your lunch and snack break. Also, don’t overdo it on the caffeinated beverages as it can harm your health – include water or herbal teas during the day to make sure you are getting enough hydration without overdoing the caffeine.

Create a soothing environment.

Staying home means you have free rein over your surroundings, so make your work area soothing and keep your stress level under control. If you love scented candles, place them around your desk. If a beautiful view helps you stay calm, set up your desk in front of a window or within eyesight of artwork you enjoy.

Your health is what will allow you to continue to work and earn a lifestyle you work so hard to achieve. You cannot afford to put your health in jeopardy. Keep yourself fit for your work life. Stay healthy and fit As a Work from Home Guy at the time of Corona is quite tough but we will have to fight this battle…

Let us know in the comments how are you keeping yourself fit during this lockdown!