Is Coffee Good or Bad for Health?


The Coffee Debate - Good or Bad?

The Coffee Debate - Good or Bad?

The Coffee Debate: Good or Bad?

Are you a caffeine addict like me too? If so, you are one of the millions who just can't imagine to start the without a cup of coffee in the morning. We just need our dose of caffeine to function. Otherwise we'll behave like uncivilized zombies chasing our next high. From morning till night, we need our drug in different doses and different ways.

But then, much to my horror, their are many people around us who simply fail to understand our obsession to this sweet/bitter beverage. Duh, we pity you. Oftentimes, we are stuck on the conversation where people comment about how unhealthy our coffee obsession is. But the question that arises now is, "Is coffee good for us or bad for us?"

Every coin has two aspects. There are two sides to every story. In the very similar manner, there are good effects as well as bad effects of consumption of coffee. It has both perks and ill-effects.

There are various scientific and medical facts and studies that show throw light on both it's pros as well as cons. Like me, this question must have come in minds of many people. So we have gathered some information that is fact-based and completely authentic. Here we are with the pros and cons of having coffee.

Several studies and researches have been conducted about this. There are a large number of studies that show that coffee indeed has various health benefits. Studies have shown that coffee does offer some potential health perks.


  • People who consume coffee when compared to those who don't consume coffee have scientifically less chances of having Parkinson's Disease.
  • Also, people who drink coffee are less likely to have type 2 diabetes in comparison to the non-drinkers. 
  • Consuming coffee supposedly also affects a great deal and reduces the likeliness of liver diseases such as the fatal liver cancer.
  • It is an effective counter against several health related issues such as cardiac arrest or stroke.
  • There are many other health benefits of coffee consumption such as better concentration and focus, improved reflexes, reduction in the symptoms of asthama and decreased gallstone formation.
  •  In fact, there has been many cases where the researchers have said that there is a direct connection between the consumption of coffee and longer life. 

But at the same time, there are many potential ill-effects and concerns with coffee consumption.


  • Drinking excessive coffee might make you jittery or irritated. Anxious behavior is also a consequence of it. People also suffer from insomnia and digestion from because of it. If you drink coffee too much it will cause you to urinate more often.
  • Coffee is also directly connected with increased blood pressure. You many also experience rise in the cholesterol levels if you drink unfiltered coffee.
  • If you are a person who suffers from any heart related issues then you need to be extra cautious. It contains several acids that are responsible for aggravating heartburn in people.
  • These acids may also adversely affect your teeth and dental health if you are one of the heavy coffee drinkers. It unfortunately weakens the enamel of our teeth.
  • If you drink caffeinated coffee then it can also weaken your bones as it directly affects the bone density. Consequently, it may result in osteoporosis. This condition is most prone to women who are either nearing their menopause or are in their post menopausal period.


It won't be wrong to conclue that coffee consumption has unrivaled benefits. But like most things, if you consume it too much, the results will most likely be negative. It has an overall positive effect on the health of the conaumers. At the very same time, every case is different. If you aren't facing any problem with it, then it's probably good for you. 

Consequently, it won't be an exaggeration to suggest that there is no "one answer" to this question. We can simply conlude that it has both certain positive and negative effects on the consumers. But still, being on the safer side we suggest you to keep the quantity in check and you're good to go.