Choose The Right Personal Trainer


The Complete Guide to Finding the Right Personal Trainer

The Complete Guide to Finding the Right Personal Trainer

The Complete Guide to Finding the Right Personal Trainer for You

Few things you should consider

  1. Credentials- No ifs, ands or butts, a trainer should be able to show you a fitness certification in their particular area of expertise.
  2. Experience- Unless you're okay with playing guinea pig, it might be best to resist the urge to cut a deal with a freshly-certified trainer in favor of one who has some previous experience
  3. Cost- Before you begin your hunt, sit down and think about your budget. And if hourly solo sessions are currently beyond your means, don't despair; some trainers offer semi-private sessions or a discount for buying in bulk.
  4. Availability- Because consistency is key when working with a trainer, it's a good idea to inquire about his/her schedule.

5 mistakes you shouldn’t make

  1. Not making sure your trainer has expertise in the area you want to train in.
  2. Blindly accepting what your trainer tells you without making sure you fit together
  3. Thinking a workout is more effective because it’s confusing
  4. Blindly accepting a trainer’s credentials or discounting a trainer without certain credentials
  5. Thinking “more expensive” automatically means “better results”

Questions you should be asking

  1. Can you also help with my eating habits?
  • A professional trainer knows very well that training is not just exercise, it’s diet too. Many trainers refrain addressing this aspect of training, so make sure you know that your trainer can help you with this aspect too.

    2. How long am I likely to need a trainer for?

  • An honest and genuine trainer wouldn’t shy away from this very important question. A trainer who knows his/her capabilities would give you an exact period of time before you are efficient enough in your forms to practice on your own.

    3. What's your style of encouragement?

  • Carrot or a stick? What motivates you better. Your style needs to match with your trainer. Or you’ll either be chilling with a carrot when you need a stick. Or crying in your pool of your sweat when you need a carrot.

    4.Is it safe for me to train away from the gym and without your assistance?

  • This is a continuation question for how long do you need a trainer for? Once you answer that, you need to ask are you ready to do it on your own? Or guidance helps you better and keeps you in check?