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Top 10 Gifts for Your Fitness Freak Friends

Top 10 Gifts for Your Fitness Freak Friends

Buying a fitness gift for your fitness addicted friends is as difficult as finding a needle in the sea shore.  In this internet era, where you will finds millions of accessories related to fitness and health which will indeed put us more confused in buying fitness stuff online.

No worries now. Here, we have brought top 10 handpicked fitness accessories to help your friends to boost up their their endurance.

1) Fitness Band/Trackers:

Fitness Band gift for fitness freak friend

Fitness Band helps to keep your records metrics related to fitness and provide you the data so that you can keep tracking your fitness related activates and helps to achieve your goals.

Before buying any fitness tracker make sure it has following features:

  a) Pedometer

  b) GPS

  c) Sleep Count

  d) Waterproof

  e) Pulse monitoring

2) Resistance Band:

Resistance band gift for fitness freak friend

Due to this pandemic situation, many of us might be missing those muscle pumping workouts in the gym. But that’s okay, now you can similar kind of experience at home also with the help of resistance band. With resistance band, you can have your exercise anywhere. With this band you can have variety of exercises and cross trainings.

So it’s an essential part for fitness freaks to have this one.

3) Skipping Robe:

We all had this in our childhood and loved skipping over the robe. And this is quite a good form of exercise and has many advantages. One of the key advantages is that it helps in burning calories and you can burn 200-300 calories in just 15 min of skipping.

4) Wall mounted pull up bar:

If your friend is more into upper body workout than just go and gift your friend this gift. It helps to sculpt your body like back muscle, shoulder muscle, etc.

5) Protein Shaker Bottle:

After a heavy workout, your friend might need a refuelling of protein. So here what the protein shaker bottle will do its job. Just add your protein powder and some water and shake. And boom, your friends drink is ready.

6) Wireless Earbuds:

Music is a piece of art that can help you to achieve anything. So, have your favourite track of music being played while doing workout will certainly help your friend to push more and tear its limitation.

So gifting a TWS Earbuds (Truly Wireless) would be beneficial.

7) Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats is essential to have a proper grip on the surface while performing yoga. Also it prevents any loss of heat and thus acts as a thermal insulation.

8) Exercise Ball:

Exercise ball helps in dealing with problems related to back and spine. It’s also helps in the stabilizing muscles near the spine area. 

9) Sports Shoes:

No exercise or workout is possible with sports shoes. Having a good shoes will help you to grip the floor and also provides protection to your feet. So make sure you gift your friends good quality sports shoes.

10) Foam Rollers:

Form roller is basically used to relive muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation. It’s a best and effective tool for your warm-up and cool down exercise.   

These were some of the accessories that you can gift your friends and give them best wishes on their journey to achieving a fitness lifestyle.

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                                                                              DINESH KEDARI