Benefits of Organic Food


Top 5 Benefits of Consuming Organic Food

Top 5 Benefits of Consuming Organic Food

Top 5 benefits of consuming organic food

Organic foods are those which are produced without any chemical induction. Organic vegetables are grown naturally with natural fertilizers. They are very healthy and nourish our health. Organic farming  is so simple that everyone of us could do it at home, terrace gardening is also organic farming but in small scale. When something has ample of benefits, why not try it?

benefits of organic food

Here are some benefits of organic food:

  1. Free of inorganic chemicals

Aiming in getting bigger fruits, artificial colors, taste and making the fruits available in all the seasons irrespective of what climate it fruits naturally, everything requires the involvement of the inorganic chemicals. This is indeed very unhealthy. These inorganic chemicals don’t react very soon, but as we start accumulating these chemicals in our body, it turns into our foe as some years pass by and also affect our future generation. In this way, we can definitely say organic food is the best. It is nutritious. Organic farming doesn’t involve any inorganic chemicals so organic food is absolutely chemical-free.

  1. Contain antioxidants

Organic foods have anti-oxidants which is a nourishment to our body. Other food contains foreign inorganic chemicals that reacts with these anti-oxidants and lowers its benefits. Antioxidants prevents heart disease, cancer, vision problems, premature aging, and cognitive malfunction. Why to go to artificial enrichment leaving beside the natural one?

  1. Not genetically modified:

To get better yield, plants are being genetically modified, which may also be good to our health in some way, but in the long run, its effects are proven to be not that good. Organic food is free of genetic modifications and so we get the natural proteins and vitamins it has directly and nothing modified.

  1. Better immune system

Since no chemicals or growth hormones are used on the plant during farming and no injections or any inorganic chemicals inducing method are used to ripen it or give it a good colour or flavour, it doesn’t contain any chemical additives other than the natural vitamins and proteins present in the fruit or vegetable naturally. Organic veggies are harvested by our traditional way of farming, contains all the nutrition required by our body. So organic food is the best for improving our immunity. I remind you the question again, why to go to artificial enrichment leaving beside the natural one?

  1. Good heart condition

As no crop is genetically modified, there is no side effect like allergies. Consuming organic food even gives us a good heart condition. The CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) which is present in grazing animals strengthen our cardiovascular system. CLA is produced by the herbivores in their body and so the meat and milk products of these grazing animals play a vital role in maintaining a very good heart condition.  

In no way, foods produced using scientific way can stand near organic food. Inorganic food may be told to be containing 1000s of benefits but in the long run its organic food which is good for our health.

Opting to organic food before inorganic food creates serious health issue is a better choice.

                                                                                                                                 - Sakunthala Jeyachandran