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Top 6 Ways To Eliminate Negative Energy

Top 6 Ways To Eliminate Negative Energy

Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy

Energy is everywhere, it is present all around us and everyone gives out their own energy,which is also called as one’s aura. Some Days you feel the aura around you and even from within you is full of joy and warmth whereas some days it feels like full of gloom. This feeling of gloominess and sadness around you or from within can be called negative energy.This negative energy can also be attracted by the negative thoughts we get on a daily basis.

On such days you might not be your best self and this feeling also drowns you and disables you to do anything. Experiencing these days are pretty normal but not everyone knows how to handle it and how to eliminate such feelings.

So we suggest the best 6 ways to remove the negative energy:

1)Taking a Walk

Taking a calming walk in nature or someplace quiet can help you take off your mind from a lot of things and can help one relax in the arms of mother nature. 


Declutter your workspace.This advice might sound like one’s mother advice but hey! It’s true.Declutter your workspace ,your room and basically all your surroundings definitely helps one to clear their head and start afresh. 

3)Listening to Soulful Music

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours and this is exactly what one will need when surrounded by negative energy.


Exercise can help you distract your mind off. While exercising one uses their energy and their body will concentrate there and this will surely take their mind off the negative thoughts.

5)Talking to a Closed One

Talking and venting out to your friend or family member can be extremely helpful and beneficial because sometimes all one needs is someone who listens to you.

6)Take Time Off Social Media

In today’s day and age everyone is on social media maybe just surfing,talking to friends,watching and learning something and what not but nowadays as everyone has access to this wide world we have people out there who even share negativity and spread hate through these very resourceful mediums. To avoid negativity from such places one needs to distance oneself from these places for a while and give their mind some space.

Now, you make think to yourself : "This is really helpful information but how do I put this into practice and actually stick to it?"  Well, I would say "One step at a time" philosophy works on the tough days. Follow these steps to stay positive and let us know what other steps do you follow on tough days to elininate the negative energy.