Importance of variety of exercises


Top Reasons To Complete a Variety of Exercises When Working Out

Top Reasons To Complete a Variety of Exercises When Working Out

Why Is It Important To Complete A Variety Of Exercises When Working Out?

This question is of importance especially if you are working out to build your body in order to push your boundaries. While it is suggested that varying workout is suggested for just about anyone.

The top 5 reasons why you should switch your workout exercises: -

1.By mixing up your activities, you give those overused muscles, joints, and ligaments a chance to rest and recover before putting them into action again. And if you do get injured, performing a different activity that doesn’t strain the same part of the body will allow you to stay in shape and heal at the same time.

2.Reaching a plateau- Our bodies are very good at adaptation. It is due to this adaptability we have survived as the fittest of all other animals. This attribute extends into our daily habits. After about 6-8 weeks or so, our bodies become habituated with the exercises and become efficient at using energy to do the same task. So this burns less calories than it used to. While majority of people are trying to burn more calories.

3.Mental fitness- Changing up your exercises and plans gives your mind a much-needed change. The break from monotony will bring much happier outcomes. It has been even found that exercising with varying exercises results in higher motivation to do your planned workout.

4.Muscles- If you are trying to maintain an overall healthy outlook. It is advised to concentrate on all muscles instead of a selected few. Unlike sportsmen which develop a targeted set of muscles to help their specific goals, we need to develop all muscles equally. And the answer to that is varying your activities.

5.Goals- Having s new routine after every two three weeks will help you reach your goals faster as you would be having fun instead of working out monotonously. This way it’s a win-win for you.

Doing each type of exercise is beneficial. Doing one king can improve your ability to do others and variety helps reduce boredom and risk of injury.