Is Treadmill or Walking Outside Better for You?


Which Is Better - Treadmill or Walking?

Which Is Better - Treadmill or Walking?

What's Better - Treadmill or Walking

Working out and staying fit doesn't always have to be expensive and hard. If you want to stay fit and healthy then it does not necessarily mean that you have to religiously follow rigorous workout routines and push yourself to your limits. There is a big difference between leading a fit & healthy life and muscle training. If you are not a physical training enthusiast who is passionate about the abs and muscles then that doesn't mean that there is no alternative for you to stay fit and healthy. There are easy, simple and affordable things that you can try to be fit.

Walking out or Running in?
Running on treadmill and walking outside are good and simple activity that you can adopt in your fitness regime to stay fit and healthy.
In fact, researchers believe that walking and running can effectively help in improving flexibility, losing weight and improving the mood as it releases the happy hormone in our system.

Also, it gives a lot of options and therefore, freedom to choose. You can simply warm up, stretch and get on the treadmill for your run anytime of the day that works out for you. There is air conditioner running, maybe some music to go with it if you like it that way and the safety of your sweet home. Or you can lace up your shoes and hit the road. Simply put on your earphones for the music of your choice and enjoy the solidarity that outdoors provide.
Walking or running, it's simply upto you. Both have their own benefits. As far as the choice between indoors and outdoors is concerned, it's entirely your decision. Both the options have certain pros and cons associated with them.

Pros of Walking Outdoors
Walking outdoors is absolutely free when compared to running on the treadmill. But it's suggested to go and buy the right of shoes for walking so that you get the best out of the entire experience.
Walking outside supposedly burns more calories as you are in the natural surroundings and therefore, outside the comfort zone of your home. Your body puts in more efforts unlike the repetitive activity and conditions that the treadmill provides. When you put more energy into the task then as a result you burn more calories.
Walking outdoors in the natural conditions help in the strengthening of your different muscles. When you use the treadmill the motion is repetitive so consequently the use of the same muscles is repeated for the course of action. But it's more effective in case of walking outdoors. The conditions and areas of walking is varied so the impact is increased as well.
If you walk in the hilly or sloppy areas then it's even more beneficial. The quadricep muscles are strengthened and conditioned. The core muscles will consequently strengthen, lengthen and become flexible.

The are many studies that have proven that walking outside is directly linked to maintaining your mental health and well-being. It has seen a direct connection between walking in the natural conditions to effectively fighting anxiety, stress and depression. It improves the overall mental well-being of an individual. It also improves the memory and boosts the good mood of the person. It is due to the fact that walking outside leads to release of the happy hormones in the body.
Walking outside is also instrumental in training an individual to cover the longer distance. Usually when one uses the treadmill, they use it for the time period of around 20-30 mins or so. But on the other hand, when one walks in the outdoors for the long span of time it helps to condition the muscles and they consequently develop the habit of walking the long distance with the period of time.

Cons of Walking Outdoors
There are certain challenges associated with walking outside. Some of them are:
The surface outdoors is comparatively harder
It might put undue pressure on your leg muscles when you walk outside. It better to walk on natural grassy and gravel land instead of the concrete ground floor.

Walking outdoors is not safe when compared to the workout you do on the treadmill in the safety of your homes. You can run into something or someone that is dangerous. You might also encounter any animal so it's a bit dangerous to walk outdoors.
One of the major obstacle to walking outdoors is the unpredictable and uncontrollable weather conditions. It's not safe to walk outdoors in rainy, windy or snowy weather.

Pros of Walking on a Treadmill
It's way more safe to walk on the treadmill. You can train your muscles and strengthen them for the session. It is a good workout activity for any individual.
Waking on the treadmill gives you control. You can control the time limit, the speed, even the calories you spend.
No worries about weather or safety. You can relax and enjoy the workout session at your home or gym. Simple as that. There is no such danger associate with it as the case is with walking outdoors.
It possible for an individual to walk faster on the treadmill. No outdoor obstacles hinders the speed or pace of a person. Therefore, you can easily burn a lot of calories by working harder and waking faster.
One can enjoy the music over the speakers or the earphones, watch tv and stay entertained for the period of their workout session when they walk on the treadmill. It helps a person a great deal who gets bored outdoors.

Cons of Walking on a Treadmill

One needs to be very careful about the posture. Otherwise walking on the treadmill can be dangerous for the person.
There is a price associated with the treadmill when compared to walking outdoors. If you are willing to pay the expenses then you're good to go.

So either walk out or run in, the most important thing is that we exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Let us know what do you prefer in the comments!