Choose The Right Yoga For You


Which Yoga Style Is Right For You?

Which Yoga Style Is Right For You?


Ever wondered which Yoga style is best suited for you?

Yoga is a practice of physical,mental and spiritual disciplines and it originated in ancient India.
Doing yoga has multiple benefits but to know which yoga is best suited for you is also essential to get the best out of it.

So here is a list covering up which yoga can be best for you :



Vinayasa yoga is a transition between asanas and therefore it is sometimes called flow yoga.



This type of yoga involves a lot of movement and if you would want to sweat more you would like to choose this yoga.

This type of yoga involves transition of different types of asanas so this yoga can be for someone who does like to do the same routine repeatedly.This type of yoga also improves

flexibility and tones up one’s body.


Yin yoga is slow spaced yoga and in this type of yoga postures/aasanas are held for a long time

If you are looking for a slow meditative type of yoga this is the right one. If you are looking for improvement of joint mobility or for reduction of stress and anxiety so this type of yoga is for you.


This type of yoga combines yoga and pranayama.In this type of yoga energy is awakened at the root of the spine and moves upwards through the chakras to reach enlightenment.

This yoga helps in the overall improvement of the nervous system.This type of yoga is also known for improvement of one’s brain power and creativity ,so if you want to improve all this you should definitely go for kundalini yoga.


Bikram yoga is a system of hot yoga and comprises 26 postures/aasanas.

This type of yoga works best for people who want to lose weight ,tone their body or improve their posture.Bikram yoga teaches one how to breathe fully and correctly.
So if you are looking for any of the above things this type of yoga is for you.


This is a fusion of traditional yoga asanas,calisthenics,pilates and dance moves.

This type of yoga works best for alleviating back pain, improving spinal flexibility and this also helps in building strength.

There are various yoga styles that will help you ease your mind and release all the negative energy. Explore until you find a style that helps you  in your journey.

Let us know what is your Yoga stye in the comments!