Zumba Dance : A dance fitness for all ages


Zumba Dance : A dance fitness for all ages

Zumba Dance : A dance fitness for all ages

People love Dancing and people love to be fit. If you are one such person, just try Zumba Dance. No matter what your age is, No matter how you look. A perfect solution for every dance fitness freaks.

It is a fun workout and one among the popular dance fitness programs around the world.

Everyone can do Zumba. There are different dance formats for different age groups. It has different sets of moves for old and young. Let’s see what these formats are:

  • Zumba Gold

This format is specially designed for beginners and older people. The movements in this format are very simple and basic steps. This helps you to tone your body

  • Zumba Step

It is a kind of lower body workout with Zumba routine and step aerobics.

  • Zumba Toning

If you are a person who uses toning sticks, then this format is for you. All the muscels are targeted by this kind of format. This kind of Zumba Dance format provide with cardio workout.

  • Aqua Zumba

Swimming lovers and Dance lovers, if you are both then go for this Zumba Dance Format. Here the instructor trains you from poolside and you will do it in the pool. Dance movements are specially designed by combining the Zumba dance movements and Aqua fitness movements.

  • Zumba in the circuit

Are you bored with the regular circuit training? Then shift to Zumba in the circuit format. This kind of format lasts for 30 minutes and strengthens different muscles at different stations.

  • Zumbatomic

Parents if your kids’ ages between 7-11 and looking for some workout routine then choose this. They will enjoy this. They dance and they will be fit.

  • Zumba Gold-Toning

As the name suggests it is a combination of Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning. This format is for elder people using toning sticks. It helps in improving muscle strength, posture and coordination.

  • Zumba Sentao

If you want to do Zumba Dance using some properties at home, Zumba dance using chairs is the perfect choice. The chair workout focuses on body weights and tones the body.

  • Zumbini

The babies of age 0-3 years can chose this Zumba dance format. Babies caretakers will also in this format.


Select a Zumba Dance format of your comfort and start your dance fitness journey. 

Incase if you are confused and want someone who can suggest and train you for the same, here we are. We help you to get best personal Zumba trainer.