A proper diet leads to a healthy life

Top FAQs - Diet

Consume diet rich in proteins and less in carbohydrates and sugar. Consume low carb diet and more leafy green vegetables like broccoli , cauliflower , spinach , tomatoes and cucumber.

Homemade smoothies , milk , rice , potatoes , nuts , red meat , salmon and oily fish , whole grain bread and healthy cereals are few of the best diets for weight gain.

The healthiest food items for breakfast are eggs , greek yoghurt , coffee , oatmeal , berries , nuts , protein shakes , fruits etc.

The lunch should be lighter than the breakfast and heavier than the dinner. A healthy lunch can include egg sandwich , veg loaded sandwich , protein salad , lentil vegetable soup , chickens , beans and legumes.

Whole eggs , salmon , lean beef , chicken breast , boiled potatoes , beans and legumes can serve as the best meals for dinner.