Christmas 2020 Eve Amid COVID-19


Christms 2020 : How it's going to be Amid Covid-19

Christms 2020 : How it's going to be Amid Covid-19

Christmas Eve this year amid COVID-19 is not like everytime. We can see the spirit in people, but still people are worried as well and the reason is we all are familiar with and that's why there is downfall in christmas sales this year people this year are not able to visit their holiday destinations and due to pandemic they are cautious for their meet and greet as well.

Here's how you can celebrate your Xmas Eve safely in your home:

This year we can celebrate a cozy christmas eve spending more quality time with family, singng chorals together baking cakes enjoying with siblings making delicous stuffs at home and sending love and wishes to your friends and acquaintances via whatsapp and video calls. Binge watch your favourite christmas movies and chill with your family. Be safe, healthy and fit.

Family christmas

Kasratshala wishes you a Happy and safe Merry Christmas.