Fit gifts for fit relation this christmas


People giving Fit gifts for Fit Relation this Christmas

People giving Fit gifts for Fit Relation this Christmas

COVID-19 has brought so many changes in our lifestyles including our fitness schedule. This christmas people are gifting fit gifts which is something innovative yet helpful for friends and acquaintances to keep a fit relation. Since pandemic people have switched to work from home where they are not getting time for their fitness workout or daily walk, also since pandemic, people are worried as well for their outdoor workouts as many people still do not wear their masks. After 7 months of opening of gym people are still worried also lack of time is also an issue.

People are now setting up small fitness stations at home where they can do exercises at home alongwith managing their work, from buying exercise mats to dumbells and foldable treadmills people are working on their fitness. 

Here's what to buy:

Gym expert Madhuri Ruia shares a few ideas when it comes to home cardio equipment:

  • You can buy colour-coded bands of different sizes and resistance and start with a theraband.

• Dumbbells sets which allow you to add weights to it.

• Portable rowing machines.

• TRX, which can be hitched up anywhere even on the bedroom door.

• Foldable home treadmills.

• Entry-level elliptical machine.

• Folding trampoline.

• For serious gymmers, a personal training station with weighs for leg press, chest press, leg curls, leg extensions etc. Needs a larger area.

There's really no escaping year-end weight gain owing to house parties and all that food and drink indulgence, says dietician Sheela Tanna. "Making food swaps like having fruit breakfast is one thing, but working out is also very important. A simple 45-minute cardio per day can work well to bust calories and keep you fit."