What are crossfit workouts?


What are crossfit workouts?

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A CrossFit workout is basically a high-intensity training program. A high-intensity workout helps to lose more fat and developed strength, body mass, endurance, and fitness level. There any many cross-fit workout plans but the best one’s are right here. 

Crossfit workout plans:


One of the best workout plan. In this workout do as many sets as you can in 20 minutes of the following exercises.

  1. 5 Pull-ups
  2. 10 Push-ups
  3. 15 Squats 

one of the best bodyweight CrossFit workout for beginners.  



It's an advanced cross-fit workout. It has so many exercises included and this workout plan is for intermediate and advanced level trainers. 

This workout includes:-

  1. 1-mile run initially 
  2. 100 Pull-ups
  3. 200 Push-ups
  4. 300 Squats
  5. At last, again 1-mile run again.

This workout helps in releasing more sweat and burns lots of calories. 

Filthy Fifty:- 

Again it is the best workout but with more exercises and as this is also an advanced level workout so please follow the workout under the supervision of a CrossFit trainer. 

  1. 50 kettlebell swings 
  2. 50 box jumps 
  3. 50 walking lunges 
  4. 50 push-ups 
  5. 50 back extensions 
  6. 50 burpees 
  7. 50 jumping pull-ups
  8. 50 double unders. 


So these are some of the Crossfit workouts you can try at the gym and also at home.