How to increase stamina in a week?


How to increase stamina in a week?

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Regular exercising and a healthy diet are key to a good life. And the word Stamina refers to the mental and physical peace of a human body. A stressful lifestyle can make anyone sick in both ways (mentally & physically) but a small change in daily routine can leads to a good life. 

To increase stamina in a week you should follow these steps:-


Good Music-

According to some studies, good music can decrease the chances of Cardiac problems by lowering your heart rate.


Drinking-Water -

Drinking plenty of water the whole day long detoxifies your body and it can help muscles to perform better and for a longer duration.  


Sleep -

The human body is a complex machine it also needs its own sweet time of rest. Sleep for 8 hours a day can increases stamina naturally.


Exercise and Yoga -

Some of the simple exercises like Squats, Jumping Jack, Push-ups, or Yoga asana like Prayanam, Avlom - Vilom, and Kapalabhati are very helpful in increasing stamina.


By adopting these changes you can easily increase stamina naturally in a week.