• Weight loss

Losing weight can become easy if you follow these simple steps.


  • Eat a high protein content breakfast or consume a high protein content diet: A diet rich in protein makes you feel full and thus results in reduced food cravings. Also digestion of proteins leads to the burning of a high amount of calories in your body.


  • Cut down the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar: Consuming a diet with high sugar and carbohydrate content lead to a tremendous gain in weight. So , avoid including rice,sweet items,potatoes in your meals. 


  • Consume healthy fats instead of cutting down fat completely from your diet: Fats is also required by our body.  So , you can cook your food in olive oil or avocado. Other fatty oils like coconut oil should be consumed in low amounts and less frequently. 


  • Start exercising: This is one of the most effective ways to reduce your weight faster. Start going for morning walks or join a gym. Keep your body in movement as much as possible. 


  • Drink water before meals rather than drinking it after meals: Drink water atleast 20 minutes before your meal. Avoid consuming water immediately after a meal as it leads to gain in weight at a faster rate. Take a gap of 45 minutes or an hour before drinking water after a meal.


  • Avoid consuming food products made of refined flour: Consuming products made of refined flour leads to weight gain at a quicker rate. It leads to gaining of lower belly fat and obesity. So, avoid refined flour in your diets as much as possible.

Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet: Including food items like broccoli , cauliflower , spinach , tomatoes , cabbage , lettuce , cucumber , lentils in your diet can help a great deal in keeping your weight in the right proportions.