What are exercises for fitness at home?


What are exercises for fitness at home?

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Here are some effective exercises at home that can be performed for keeping the body fit:

a)Lunges: lunges helps in promoting functional movement and also increases the strength of the legs and the glutes.


b)Push-ups: push-ups involve a number of body muscles and prove to be one the most effective and easy exercises for strength building.


c)Squats: it is the best and the most effective exercise to increase the strength of your lower body part. It provides flexibility to your lower back and hips and also helps in burning a large number of calories.


d)Standing overhead dumbbell press: while practicing this exercise, multiple muscles of our body gets involved which helps in improving our strength effectively. It is the best exercise for your shoulders and upper back portion.

e)Planks: it is the exercise that involves the whole body and abdominal muscles. It provides stability to your body and provides strength to your body.