What are strength training workouts?


What are strength training workouts?

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The best exercise to build and maintain strength are as below:

  1.   Squat - One of the purest tests of strength, the squat incorporates almost all the muscles in the legs and cores.


  1. Deadlift - It is essential to protect your lower back.


  1. Glute bridge - It targets one of the biggest muscles in the lower half – the glutes.


  1. Push up – The push-up works with all the pressing muscles in the upper body.


  1. Bent over row -  Working on increasing your rowing strength can also help you to get your first bodyweight pull-up.


  1. Hollow-body hold – It teaches you to create total body tension and really maintain the core stability.


  1.   Single-leg moves – It helps you get stronger in your bilateral lifts.