What equipment is necessary for an MMA gym at home (beginner)?


What equipment is necessary for an MMA gym at home (beginner)?

  • Home Workout

If you are a beginner I would recommend you to start up with a basic fitness level like :

  • Running 5–6 Kms (stamina)
  • Sprinting 50–100 m (stamina & endurance)
  • 7–10 High knees jumps to chest (power & Strength)
  • Frog jumps & Duck walks (strength, balance & power)
  • Dynamic kicks : side, front, back, high, inside-out, outside-in and push kick (flexibility, movement, agility)
  • Basic punching drills (posture to throw punch)
  • Strength training for wrist, knee joints, elbows, neck, ankles, lower back and core. ( for strong joints)
  • Lower body : Squats, horse stance, calf raises, one leg sprint, stepings on stairs. (Strength ,resistance & power)
  • Upper body : Push ups, Pull ups, hand stand drills (shoulders strength), Hang on pull up bar, dips, pike Push ups, Rope climbing(strength & mobility)
  • Middle body : Plank, Back extension, bridge pose (yoga pose) (strength & power)

Follow this for 3–4 months then you can break the beginner zone and proceed to intermediate zone with good body control and reflexes.

In equipments bring:

  1. Truck tire.
  2. Punching bag
  3. Resistance band
  4. Skippings
  5. Ankle weights
  6. Medicine ball
  7. CrossFit ropes